Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is writing and reading software that has many great features. It has optical character recognition (OCR) which allows the program to read back scannable documents. As the words are read aloud, they are highlighted as well.You can turn off the sound if you just need help with tracking and not decoding. There is an option to speed up or slow down the voice, and the pace of highlighting according to your preference. You can also customize the voice to suit your hearing tastes/preference.

Once documents are created or scanned, they can also be annotated with text boxes, highlights and circles. This allows you to do anything you could do similarly with print material. Kurzweil is great for creating worksheets, tests and quizzes.

Kurzweil is also great for composing documents. It has spell check, word prediction, and various web layouts. One of the best parts of writing with Kurzweil is that the text is read back to you, which also makes it a great editing tool. Kurzweil has a built in dictionary for quick reference. Another handy feature is "read the web," which allows the user to read a web page aloud without copying and pasting the text into a Kurzweil file.

A very powerful, but RAM heavy program.

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